NcStar Advance Dual Optic Review- 1,000 Rounds

NcSTAR Advance Dual Optic 3-9×42 Rifle-scope w/ Flip Up Red Dot

@ 1,000 Rounds Later:

I received this item for review about 2 months ago, very excited upon arrival due to it being a budget cost optic a lot easier for most to afford. NcStar has been moving up in the optic world offering budget level red dots and variable scopes, they have been truly coming up with some very innovative designs. Part of that is the flip-up red dot mounted to the top of the scope body. I believed that this would be a nice option for open division in 3-gun this year.

Opening the box, I was very impressed with the packaging and materials included. It comes in a cardboard box, inside of that it has a heavy-duty stiff zippered container that is well padded. Has easy to read and understand instructions, a lens cleaning cloth and all the tools needed for adjustments. This scope feels great in the hand, not too heavy but fairly rugged and the buttons seem durable. This optic comes with a quick-release mount for any standard 1913 picatinny rail! (Fairly rare at this price point) For the variable optic which is 3-9x zoom the adjustments are 1/2 MOA per click. Clicks are audible and tactile, which I like.  The flip-up red dot is certainly unique, and was the part I was most excited to see.  On the left side is a button you can push to set activate the lens and pop it up. The red dot is automatically turned on when you flip it into working position. This is nice due to not worrying about it draining the battery when not in use.

So how durable/accurate is it? Well, through the course of a little over a 1,000 rounds I had zero point of aim/point of impact shift. I did a drop test at 4′ on several points of the optic with rifle attached (unloaded!) and then took it back out to the range. The variable optic shrugged off the hits and kept very accurate. One caveat to that, and the only gripe I have, is that the red dot adjustment no longer functions. No matter how I attempt to use the windage and elevation screws, it is set at where I first zeroed the red dot. This is disappointing. It isn’t the end of the world but it is a point of concern. I will be contacting NcStar to see if they can repair or replace the red dot in order to fix this issue.

The variable optic part is the best part of this setup to me. It is a standard mil marked reticle and has been extremely serviceable at the range getting ready for competition. Adjustment of the zoom is quick and easy, it is tight in the movement but extremely smooth to manipulate. I recommend getting a scope throw lever however to make it that much faster on adjustments.

Overall Score: 5 out of 10. (I took off a lot of points for the red dot adjustment breaking, if the company resolves this quickly and the new one doesn’t have this issue I will adjust the score accordingly)

Should you buy one? Well if you want a great range toy that is innovative and easy to use buy one. The MSRP is about $160 so it is a great budget option. I would not recommend it as a field condition ready optic, however it is nice to see more innovation in such a unique new package.


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