Update: NCSTAR Variable Optic w/ Flip Up Red Dot (ADO)

So I have finished my testing with this optic, and I do have to say it leaves a lot to be desired. I have been disappointed with two major items on this optic. Out of the box it felt great and held zero. The optic was fairly simple to use with a slight learning curve due to the 5 buttons. FOV is decent however clarity is not as good as some of the other NCSTAR options I have used.

Where this failed for me the most is the flip up red dot. It is permanently mounted and after roughly 1,500 to 2,000 rounds on a 5.56 semiautomatic rifle it has completely failed. I don’t keep as close of track on round counts with accessories. Bearing in mind I didn’t torture test this, I tend to not with more affordable offerings. At about 500 rounds I noticed I had to reset the zero with passing frequency. At that higher round count the flip action stopped working shortly after the red dot no longer coming on.

I have reached out to the company for assistance and will update accordingly on here, but at this time I cannot reccomend this or the standalone flip up red dot. I cannot stress this enough because they released the red dot for pistols and with the slide action I have seen them fail already.

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